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Tiny Gestures, Huge Compassion: Helping a Friend with Depression

friend with depression
I'd hardly call myself a writer about the human condition if I avoided the difficult things humans endure. I've openly discussed my battle with depression. I've had many, many, many heartbreaking "me too" emails in return. More than you can imagine. There is no shame in having depression. But there is a road of hard work and isolation. Thus, when someone says 'me too', that gesture, in effect, breaks my and her isolation and demonstrates mutual compassion. It's what I mean when I say 'tiny gesture, huge compassion.' I expose my pain when I talk about depression, in hopes that it might make a difference. And [...] Continue reading

3 Women


A fictional look at the many stories that we pile on top of our true selves in order to hide and protect the women we really are.

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