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Penelope Lively on Memories, Old Age, and How We’ve Lost Animistic Communion

“This is not quite a memoir. Rather, it is a view from old age.” And what a view it is. Replete with archaeology, paleontology, finding herself in Communist Russia, losing herself in libraries and, of course, the Dancing Fish and Ammonites of the title. As well as a penetrating meditation on memory that suggests this is an artist writing about that thing she was born to explore. Penelope Lively, a British novelist and children’s book author, born 83 years ago (1933), has been reading almost as long and writing from a young age. She grew up in Cairo and first came to [...] Continue reading

3 Women


A fictional look at the many stories that we pile on top of our true selves in order to hide and protect the women we really are.

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