Adam’s Adam’s Apple

Adam’s Adam’s apple was irreducible. Joy saw it thrust the skin on Adam’s neck like he had swallowed a toy pyramid - no, like he had swallowed a toy Mayan temple. The top was flat, a construction germane to Mayan architecture, not Egyptian. The temple had lodged in his larynx, sideways. It was a bit disgusting. Then Joy caught herself. No company crafted and sold Mayan pyramids as toys. Better associate the metaphor for Adam’s Adam’s apple from a cultural period that, through years of artificiality and mainstreaming, could be minimized in toy form. The Middle Ages. Maybe it was a toy turret from a castle from LEGO’s Middle Ages collection. [...] Continue reading

The Gift


The wife dropped the cup to her husband’s place and said, fiercely, “Are you done? I would like a bit […]

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