I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome! This is just a bit about me. I always say if you are going to read what I write, you deserve to know who I am and why I’m writing. So, here are the boring basics.

A year ago, I started this site to post short stories and essays while I figured out a job. Now this is my job: I’m a full-time writer. I write for you – dear readers – and I appreciate every second you spend here.

It took me a while to get here. Life is never a straight line, is it? Well, not for me. I’ve wandered. I’m originally from Michigan, heart of the Midwest. I went east to Harvard College and graduated in 2001. I worked in Boston for the next six years in politics and government, working for Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts. I always wanted to work in politics/government. Then I did. Then it was amazing. Then I was done with it.

A bit perplexed about what to do next, I went to business school—Stanford—where I met my husband. I learned about organizations and operations and met some genuinely amazing (and massively intimidating) change-the-world-type people. My to-be husband and I graduated in 2009 to an abysmal economy and took jobs in different cities (I worked at McKinsey & Company in Chicago, he in New York). We lived apart for the next three years, even after marriage.

Then, in 2012, I quit my job and took off. Literally. I don’t like to say I was “running away,” but the fact that I walked 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail . . . well, it’s hard to spin that as anything other than running away. “Running towards something,” perhaps? Regardless, I was compelled. I thought I’d find myself and what I wanted—you know, the meaning of life and of me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I finished, I felt more lost than ever. Different, changed—but still lost. Then my husband and I decided to move to London and we finally lived together. (And got cats.)

I started writing online as a hobby while I looked for work. I fell into it like a dinosaur in a tar pit, and hey—I’m still here! I didn’t choose it, it chose me. The best things always do, on reflection, the best things always do.

So here I am, writing to you about things I hope will make you think, feel, and reflect. It’s why I write: to connect to humanity in my own thoughtful, introverted way.

I’m so glad we’re here!




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