Emotions that Lack Names (And Sorely Need Them)

emotions lack names

Ever feel you’re the still point of a turning world?

Is there a word for that?

What about the salutary freedom bestowed by an unscheduled day? The freedom to feel relaxed, receptive, seeing all things brightly.

The expanse of happiness when holding your child. A power beyond words, physics.

What do we call the repulsion of something we hate, realizing, in places corseted and crumbling, that it is our own reflection?

The potency of standing up for what is right. Breaking free from the suffocating slag heap of injustice.

Tension and confusion when the vision in a mind’s eye and eye’s eye conflict. A mismatched past and present. All the things we lack, un-wholly ourselves, we lack a word for that.

Satisfaction from the unexpected, unanticipated, but wholly accepted success of winning something deserved. Is that the same satisfaction of sneezing, scratching an itch, or Q-tipping your ears?

Will you understand when I say I fear the top of my head might pop off in the middle of dinner? The fear of the extraordinary, the improbable, the absurd. Do you have it also?

We need to name emotions in order to express and understand them, in ourselves, others.

I long for a word to convey the anticipation of becoming my parents, after a life bent on going opposite. Threaded with the inviting certainty that I perhaps already have, and have always been.

Perhaps I long for them to say they once felt the same.

I have unexpressed loneliness. A short, thin thread of connection to others. easy to break. Like a helium balloon loosely tied to an unconcerned wrist.

What is the feeling of being put away, let go, released? When you want to be held?

Parting the curtain of summer and seeing fall waiting in the wings.

Cold happiness at change, always and regardless. Do you feel that too?

Feelings do not require classification. They require existence.



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