Middle-Aged Woman on a Day-Out

middle-aged woman
I was having my small toenail filed when she entered the salon. The bell over the door dinged, announcing a middle-aged woman on a day out. She was not a regular, not one of the “glamorous and furious“ women who breezed in, stacked with dogs, jewels, phones. Women who unsheathed bent toes, ankle bracelets, corns, and callouses for buffing, filing, clipping, and painting. The whole world was an inconvenience to them, but nothing compared to having to spend time in this small salon to bow to a social norm they pretended they didn’t themselves perpetuate and didn’t get dressed up for. This [...] Continue reading

Cold Cuts

cold cuts

Julie pulled out a plastic cutting board from under the sink, considered for a moment, replaced it with a wooden […]

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